Persian Carpet Cleaning Saudi Arabia

Persian Carpet Cleaning Saudi Arabia

Al-Falej Carpet Cleaning Services

Specialist in Handmade Carpet Cleaning with Over 20 Years of Experience

Al-Falej Company, based in Dubai, is renowned for its professional handmade carpet cleaning services, boasting over 20 years of expertise. We take pride in delivering the highest quality services with a guarantee that your carpet’s colors will remain intact throughout the cleaning process.

Persian Carpet Cleaning in Saudi Arabia

Handmade carpets are highly valuable and delicate items. The natural dyes used in their weaving make them especially sensitive to water and stains, which can cause significant damage. Therefore, it is crucial not to entrust your carpet cleaning to just anyone. Improper handling or cleaning can result in irreversible harm to the delicate fibers and vibrant colors of your treasured handmade carpets.

Why Choose Al-Falej Carpet Cleaning?

At Al-Falej Carpet Cleaning Company, we understand the unique needs of handmade carpets. Our expert team, equipped with extensive experience and the latest technology, provides thorough and gentle cleaning services. We use state-of-the-art machines combined with manual techniques to ensure that your carpet is cleaned gently yet effectively. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your handmade carpet will look as good as new, provided there was no prior damage.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

  • Comprehensive Carpet Analysis: Our team meticulously examines your carpet to determine the most effective cleaning method.
  • Water Cleaning: Using water, we eliminate all dirt and impurities from your carpet.
  • Hand and Advanced Machine Cleaning: Your carpet is thoroughly cleaned with special detergents, both from the back and front, using advanced machines.
  • Removal of Detergents: After cleaning, our team professionally removes all remaining detergents from the carpet.
  • Drying: Your carpet is dried using advanced drying machines, followed by sun-drying to ensure it is completely dry.

Expanding Our Services Across the Gulf

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to expand our services beyond Dubai. Al-Falej Carpet Cleaning Company is excited to announce the launch of our new services in Abu Dhabi and across the Gulf countries, including:

In each of these locations, customers can expect the same high standards of service that have made Al-Falej Company a trusted name in carpet cleaning. We bring our expertise and dedication to preserving the beauty and integrity of your handmade carpets to these new markets, ensuring that your valuable items receive the care they deserve.

Our Commitment

Choose Al-Falej Company for a professional, reliable, and high-quality carpet cleaning service that respects the craftsmanship and value of your handmade carpets. Let us help you maintain the elegance and charm of your carpets for years to come.

For more information or to request our services, please contact us today.