Al-Falaj carpet cleaning Company
At Al-Falaj, we provide comprehensive carpet cleaning services with the help of our team of highly professional individuals. We have created the best facilities for washing and drying your carpets, ensuring they are returned to you without any dirt or bad odor.

Carpet Cleaning and Analysis
Carpet Analysis
Our team meticulously examines your carpet to determine the best cleaning method.

Water Cleaning
We use water to eliminate all dirt from the carpet.

Hand and Advanced Machine Cleaning
Your carpet is thoroughly cleaned with special detergents, both from the back and front, using advanced machines to ensure complete cleanliness.

Removal of Detergents
After cleaning, our team professionally removes all remaining detergents from the carpet.

Once cleaned, your carpet is dried using advanced drying machines to extract all water, followed by sun-drying to ensure it is completely dry.

We utilize the latest technology and our technical expertise to provide high-quality services, restoring your carpets to their original, beautiful condition.