Al-Falaj carpet cleaning Company
With over 50 years of experience, we specialize in the guaranteed cleaning of all types of handmade carpets without any color changes. We carefully determine the best cleaning method for your carpet.

Importance of Handwoven Carpet Care
Given the high value and sensitivity of handmade carpets, it is crucial to be very cautious during cleaning. It is important not to entrust your handwoven carpet to just anyone. A handmade carpet is a lifelong investment, and any damage can be restored. Additionally, special care must be taken because cleaning and removing stains from a handmade carpet can be very expensive. We have chosen the best methods and the most cost-effective solutions for you.

Features of Handmade Carpet Cleaning at Al-Falaj
Preserving Colors: The cleaning process does not damage the carpet’s colors.
Use of Suitable Detergents: We use mild and appropriate detergents for handwoven carpets to maintain their quality and beauty.
Specialized Methods: Our team employs specific methods and professional techniques to clean your carpet in the best possible way.
handmade Carpet Repair
Our team is capable of repairing any damage to your handwoven carpet. Whether it is color damage or a tear in your expensive handwoven carpet, our skilled experts can restore it to the best possible condition with great care and precision.