al falaj carpet repairing company
Handwoven Carpet Repair Services
Our handmade carpet repair services include fixing any type of tear, repairing color damage, and removing stains from handmade carpets.

Stain Removal
Many stains on handmade carpets may not be removed completely after washing and require additional stain removal treatments. This incurs an additional cost for the carpet stain removal service.

Color Damage Repair
Color damage in handmade carpets can occur due to water spills, mold, or improper washing at home. The repair of your carpet’s colors depends on the type of carpet and the extent of the damage. The restoration success rate ranges from 70% to 100%, but as mentioned, it can be quite costly.

Tear Repair in Handmade Carpets
Any kind of tear or decay in handwoven carpets is 100% repairable. However, due to the complexity of the work, it requires a significant amount of time to complete the repair.

Al-Falaj Company ensures that your valuable handmade carpets receive the best care and repair services, restoring them to their original beauty.