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About Dubai Carpet Washing

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washing carpet in dubai

Al Falaj Carpet Cleaning and Repairing company we are Located in Dubai we are the good experience in Carpet Washing special in handmade and machine made carpet we wash Persian carpet ,Russian carpet, Chinese carpet ,afghan carpet ,Turkish carpet ,  we know how to wash all this carpet

we clean full water wash 
your carpet will be clean 100% we have full idea to wash all kind of carpet

there is different carpet and there is different way to wash we have excellent

knowledge or we have master of carpet we know the value of the carpet we will give the 100% guaranteed of your carpet not only in cleaning any kinds of carpet

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CALL US:  042807818 or 0502580986

Carpet/Rug repair services

Backed to years of scientific and practical experience in Persian Carpet production and services, we claim that we can repair any damage to any Persian Carpet and other Oriental rugs such as Turkish rug, Afghans carpet, Indian rug, Chinese silk rug, Turkmen rug, Kazaks, Pakistani and all other modern or classic rugs as well Kilim and Tapestries.
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Carpet Cleaning Process

All rugs that arriving for cleaning to our workshop in Dubai, inspected for any pre-existing conditions. The pre-wash inspection allows us to choose the correct method of cleaning any Persian or Oriental rug. We test the dyes of the carpet for for colourfastness. If the dyes are not colourfast, then the carpet will be prepared by setting the dyes. in this way, we will prevent the mixing of the colours by washing.
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washing carpet in dubai

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Please call us to make an appointment for cosultation. our operational hours are

between 9.00 AM - 8.00 PM.

Professional Washing persian carpet services:

washing carpet in dubai

1- Fringes damage repair--securing or re-fringing             

2- Professional re-weaving a hole

3- Patching a holes and threadbare areas

4 - Burn damages repair

5- Professional Wear & Tear repair

6 - Moth damages repair

7- Damaged sides securing or r-weaving

8 - Rug re-sizing

9- Any pet damage repair

10-Professional antique rug restoration

A Trusted Place for Professional

Persian Rug/Carpet Cleaning & Repair

     carpet washing in dubai,, carpet cleaning dubai,  persian carpet cleaning dubai,,washing carpet in dubai

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washing carpet in dubai

we wash any model of carpet we have specialty company in wash carpet we have repairing for specialty handmade carpe...

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Address:  Al Qusais Industrial Area 5, 82925 ,Dubai

Direct line number

Office : +971-42807818
Manager : +971-502580986
Mobile: +971-561114494

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