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Do you move furniture before picking my rugs?

Yes, pieces that are very large or cabinets full of dishes that we may not be able to remove, therefor your help will be greatly appreciated if you can remove the breakable items.

Are you insured?


Can you remove pet stains?

Pet stains can be very difficult to remove some times. Each situation will vary depending on the animal and the severity and age of the stain. We will do our best to remove the stain, but there is also a chance that urine & vomit stains can discolor Rugs. We offer a very good deodorizer and disinfectant that we use during cleaning which will helps to eliminate odor.

Do you clean wall to wall carpets?

We do not clean wall to wall carpets. We specialize only in high-end rugs from handmade wool and silk carpets to braided rugs and everything in-between.

Can rugs really be washed?

Rugs can be washed—though carefully. It is the best way to remove as much soil as possible. No other cleaning method leaves your rug as fresh, soft and good-looking as wet cleaning.

How do I know if my rug needs cleaning?

When a rug still looks soiled after vacuuming, it’s probably time to have it cleaned. Try this test: Blot the nap of your rug in an inconspicuous spot with a damp white cloth. Let the cloth dry flat to see what was transferred from your rug. If the cloth is soiled, your rug would benefit from a cleaning.

What happens when I bring a rug in for cleaning and/or repair?

If your rug needs cleaning or repair we will explain what can be done and provide you with a cost quote. We will address any special concerns you have and can provide an informal assessment of a rug’s age, origin, and value to help you make the most informed choices.

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